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Jess-ika's Journal

31 July 1992
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My name is Jessica, but online I usually spell it like Jessika and am planning on changing the spelling of it when I get older. I live in Boynton Beach, FL which is way to overcrowded by old folks...it sucks. I am learning how to play the guitar and am hoping to get better atit soon :). I also like writing songs, but I never like to read them out loud (Im pretty shy).

My favorite band is AFI, I used to be obbsessed with them, but now its just like I occasionally listen to them. I'm vegetarian and am trying to convert to being a vegan. Im Jewish, but don't believe a word of any religion, but if my mom ever knew I think she'd be pretty upset.

One of my main interests is in body modification, I hope to become a professional piercer and a tattoo artist when I get older. As far as my personal mods I have a 14g industrial, 7/16" lobes, and 18g second lobes. When I get older I plan to have ALOT more: vertical labret, anti-eyebrow, navel, hips, double monroes/cheeks/or snakebite labrets(i cant decide), nostril, and an 8g septum, and many many tattoos.